“GLF Cosmetics”

3 Shimmery to choose from




*Girasol (yellow)

*Daisy (Coral)

*Hibiscus (Red)

*Orquidea (Blue)

*Tulip (Purple)

*Cactus (Green) 

Our beautiful shimmery pigments  can be used as a beautiful eyeshadow, lipstick topper, as blush, nail polishes, or highlighter (some colors may not apply)


*Apply dry for a soft look

*Apply with a wet brush for more intense / metal look

-May be used by itself or can be combined with other products

Please note:

Our shimmery pigments are now packed in 10g jars

Pigments weight vary based on the density of the product.

-Containers can appear to be less than full due to settling of the product.









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