Get to know the founders

Get to know the founders

"Giselle and Marc are a young couple who met in high school in the United States about 11 years ago. Giselle was born in Mexico and Marc was born in Haiti; their parents brought them to The States to help give them better opportunities, and their unique experiences coming to a new country have given them  both a special perspective. They recently had a son who will grow up learning English, Spanish, French, and Creole! Get to know them more on our live Instagram videos (which they host)."
The Founders
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I love glf cosmetics! The brand owners are so kind supportive and amazing, all their products are top-notch and absolutely wonderful. If you ever have a problem with your order or a product customer service is top-notch and they respond super fast and quickly take care of the problem. I love the article that I just read about getting to know the founders of GLF. Such a great article and I’m always super excited as they release new fun amazing and Innovative products that never cease to amaze me! I love glf💕💕

Abril Hernandez

Beautiful couple and history! Que bueno ha sido conocer de su historia! Me encanta esta linea de cosmeticos. Im the one who cant stop buying glf!!

Yanil Figueroa

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